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Subject: OSLC CORE TC Minutes January 18, 2018


  • David Honey (IBM)


  • Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH)
  • David Honey (IBM)
  • Jad El-Khoury (KTH)
  • Jim Amsden (IBM)
  • Martin Sarabura (PTC)
  • Nick Crossley (IBM)


  • Harish Krishnaswamy (Software AG)
  • Ian Green (IBM)



  • Martin to fix some references and introductory paragraphs for TRS and CCM - still on list
  • Nick to set up subcommittee meetings to discuss skew resolution and search order
  • Martin to send out ballots for two proposals from Jim for core spec

Chat transcript from room: oslc

[15:04] Martin Sarabura (PTC): https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/Meetings/Telecon2018.01.11
[15:05] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Minutes accepted.
[15:06] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Actions: Nick - subcommitee meeting to discuss configuration management issues. Not yet scheduled.
[15:08] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Seems to be more interest in improving TRS spec and dealing with its open issues than the config management issues.
[15:10] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Nick has time to do one more editorial pass on TRS spec. Depends on whether Axel is actively editing the spec.
[15:13] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Martin to send out ballot for Jim's 2 proposals.
[15:13] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): 1) Predefined OSLC prefixes/namespaces
[15:13] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): 2) RDF serialization format.
[15:22] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): TRS and query specs are external, not part of the multi-part spec.
[15:24] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Will need to go to public review for the updated multi-part core spec.


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