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Subject: OSLC CORE TC Minutes March 15, 2018


  • Nick Crossley (IBM)


  • Jim Amsden (IBM)
  • Martin Sarabura (PTC)
  • Nick Crossley (IBM)
  • Ian Green (IBM)




  • Jim to finish the edit updates still pending on the multi-part core documents

Chat transcript from room: oslc

[13:59] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Minutes from previous meeting: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/Meetings/Telecon2018.03.08 
[14:05] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick to scribe
[14:05] Nick Crossley (IBM): Minutes accepted
[14:06] Nick Crossley (IBM): Action Items:<<BR>> [14:07] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin - Schedule for Core specs - suggests waiting for v3 implementation from PTC (open source), since that would be a good thing to have as a reference implementation
[14:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: that v3 implementation (without attachments) would help convey momentum, forward progress, etc. for pubic announcements - reinvigorating OSLC, etc.
[14:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: current schedule for this v3 implementation is mid July
[14:09] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: sample domains would include RM and CM
[14:09] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: hopefully this would be a good basis for other domains / implementations
[14:10] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: asked about client - lightweight to exercise basic functionality?
[14:11] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: the PTC implementation has support for discovery. Clients should have some caching mechanism - where that will live is not yet clear.
[14:12] Jim Amsden: Client - discovery, creation/selection dialogs, resource preview, HTML representation of resource - very similar to Lyo designer - would be desirable
[14:12] Jim Amsden: OSLC query?
[14:12] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: PTC implementation is a server, can act as proxy for real data provider.
[14:12] Jim Amsden: TRS provider/consumer?
[14:13] Nick Crossley (IBM): MartinL OSLC Query - yes, will be supported
[14:13] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: TRS - probably not
[14:15] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: suggests the implementation team review the Lyo Designer, to see client code
[14:17] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: we should also start to line up two other implementations to reference for standard status, so we are ready to work toward that after July - with a possible goal of November.
[14:17] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: Should look at OSLC 2 implementations - and at mixing OSLC 2 clients with v3 servers, and/or vice versa.
[14:18] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: Lyo Designer generates v2 clients.
[14:19] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: It would be interesting to see if we can get some effort to add the capability to generate v3 clients in Lyo Designer.
[14:19] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: Also interesting to see how we could add config management - would we want to do that with the current Lyo code base, which might be considered too heavyweight.
[14:20] Nick Crossley (IBM): Action Item: Jim to finish submitting updates to core
[14:20] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: Still working on that - hopes to have good progress soon.
[14:21] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim: changes amount to substantive changes, requiring a new public review.
[14:21] Nick Crossley (IBM): Martin: So we will need a committee review and vote, etc.
[14:21] Nick Crossley (IBM): Action Items: TRS spec.
[14:22] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick: No progress this week.
[14:31] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick: will work with Axel to make progress. Will raise issue on rebase/change log handling, to suggest keeping change events for X days behind previous cutoff. May also rise issue on extending use of ETags.
[14:31] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick: ran out of time to discuss action item on config management skew resolution.


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