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Subject: Meeting minutes 2018-12-13

Attendees: Martin Sarabura, Jim Amsden, Ian Green, Nick Crossley, David Honey

Minutes accepted

OSLC Query CSPRD has been submitted.

4 actions outstanding:
1. Should we update ReSpec to automate the generation of document and related artifact URL's and relative links based on shortName, version, state and revision?
2. Should we publish Core CSPRD04 with the update Conformance sections or wait until we can address broken relative links with item #1?
3. Restarting TRS spec development, status, and when can we have something for TC review?
4. Does Andrew have something to propose for discovering Discovery that we want to address, and should this be included in CSPRD04?

Nick: Will start working on ReSpec in January. Goal is relative links should work for both draft and published specs.
Jim will email Nick with changes to Respec he has indentified.

Nick: recommend we wait until Respec changes are done in January.

TRS spec in progress.

Nick: Needs to be redirect to restore validity of links to old specs. open-services.net/wiki returns 404.
The "Page not found" includes a button to access the archive at http://archive.oslc.co/wiki/.

TRS status?
Updates to handle cases described in a PPT.
Jim had recommended a use-case approach. Nick started doing that.
Nick: Expected to complete spec by mid-January in new repo.
Access control will not be in TRS spec - should be separate, if published at all.
ILDP was only a draft document, so its relevance is in doubt.
Acceptable for committee to take decision not to make access control part of TRS or OSLC in general.

TRS spec - trs:order must be increasing. Nick is thinking about this. Probable approach is to keep MUST for trs:order, but provide non-normative guidance that consumers should be tolerant of trs:order not being increasing.

Next meeting:
Only specific issues are TRS and Respec, but won't be ready for discussion until January.
Propose cancelling meeting for 20th and 27th December. Next meeting would be 3rd January.

Meeting adjourned.
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