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Subject: OSLC CORE TC Minutes Jan 10 2019

Chat transcript from room: oslc
[15:08] Martin Sarabura: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oslc-core/201812/msg00004.html
[15:08] ian green: img to scribe
[15:09] ian green: last meeting minutes accepted
[15:10] ian green: Jim: "open projects" and oasis. may affect respect discussion and outstanding todos on it.
[15:12] ian green: s/respect/respec/g
[15:13] ian green: oasis waiving membership fees for oslc. Nick: temporarily or in perpetuity. Jim: cannot recall.
[15:14] ian green: Jim asked what happens when an open project membership falls below some threshold. Position unclear; clarification required
[15:14] Martin Sarabura: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oslc-core/201812/msg00006.html
[15:14] Martin Sarabura: Carol's response
[15:15] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): For OSLC... if the StC and TCs decide in January to form the Open Project (in time for inclusion in OASIS program roll-out in late March), OASIS will waive the Backer fees for the organizations that are represented on the current OSLC MS StC for the foreseeable future, provided that those companies retain their OASIS Foundational Sponsor, Sponsor, or Contributor memberships.
[15:17] ian green: Jim requests folks look at the qs and give feedback to Jim so that he can raise issues.
[15:17] ian green: David: thinks that this effort will lead to better oslc participation
[15:17] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim - can you not hear us?
[15:17] Jim Amsden: did I loose audio?
[15:17] Jim Amsden: no
[15:17] Martin Sarabura: yes
[15:17] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Yes
[15:17] ian green: half-duplex
[15:18] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): simplex
[15:18] Jim Amsden: you can hear me?
[15:18] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): No
[15:20] ian green: Jim also hoping to reduce oslc fragmentation into one single open project.
[15:22] ian green: Nick: some concerns about the URIs. Some of the standards are too difficult to get at - need to get the redirects sorted out for the oslc v2 spec.
[15:22] Jim Amsden: 4.4. Are there any changes in how Open Project standards track work products are published by OASIS? Specifically I'm trying to understand if the issue we had with document relative links being broken by the OASIS publishing process will be resolved by migrating to an Open Project so that we don't have do the work to modify ReSpec to fix up links on document publish. The specifics on this are TBD, but we are confident we can work out an arrangement where the canonical standard lives on the OP repo with a backup verified copy on docs.oasis-open.org.
[15:23] ian green: Nick: push cttee drafts of all the documents not yet published.
[15:23] ian green: ... and into a stable URI
[15:24] ian green: Nick: what is the status of the issue and scm repos?
[15:24] Jim Amsden: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/oslc-core
[15:25] ian green: Jim has utility to migrate the issues except problems due to github policy to limit requests /h
[15:26] ian green: Jim seems to be stuck on this point.
[15:28] ian green: Nick: will ignore issues, and focus on getting TRS spec into the new repo.
[15:29] ian green: ...config-mgmnt has already been moved
[15:30] ian green: Nick: halt work on respec until relative URL is decided
[15:31] ian green: Jim suggests using the config-mgmnt spec as a test case for open project
[15:31] ian green: ... Jim will suggest this to them.
[15:35] ian green: Jim: running respec on the public spec? Nick: has caused problems in the past, but these are minor.
[15:38] ian green: Not much to discuss on TRS until Nick gets it into the new repo.

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