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Subject: Re: [oslc-core] Jitsi

I can't remember the pros and cons of Zoom. For now, I have managed to install Chrome (took a while because Chrome easily corrupts its preferences and application support files on Mac, so often needs those deleted, then set up again with custom permissions!)

So let's stick to jitsi for now - if Chrome starts misbehaving again I may give up on it and go back to Safari without screen sharing.


From:        Andrii Berezovskyi <andriib@kth.se>
To:        Nicholas Crossley <nick_crossley@us.ibm.com>, OSLC Core TC <oslc-core@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date:        06/13/2019 08:19 AM
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [oslc-core] Jitsi
Sent by:        <oslc-core@lists.oasis-open.org>



I tried Jitsi in all popular browsers and it only works well in Chrome. FF uses too much CPU and just hangs from time to time. Screen sharing does not work in Safari.


If you wish, we can actually go back to using Zoom and have Jitsi as a backup only.




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