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Subject: OASIS OSLC PROMCODE TC Meeting Minutes - Mar 25

Hello Members of the OSLC PROMCODE TC,

Sorry  for  my  delayed  post. I attached the meeting minutes for the first

Date/Time:  March  25,  2014,  20:00-21:30 (EDT), March 26, 2014 9:00-10:30

  Attendees [A: Absence]
- Kazuo Yabuta (Fujitsu Limited) Member
- Hiroyuki Yoshida (Fujitsu Limited) Member
- Tom Kamimura (IBM) Member
- Sean Kennedy (IBM) Member
- Robert LaRochelle (IBM) Member
- Arthur Ryman (IBM) Member
- Masaki Wakao (IBM) Member
- Takeshi Watanabe (IBM) Member
- Mikio Aoyama (Nanzan University) TC Convener
- Shigeru Hosono (NEC Corporation) Member
A Fan JIANG (NEC Corporation) Member
- Nobuhiko Kishinoue (NEC Corporation) Member
- Shigeaki Matsumoto (NEC Corporation) Member
A Lonnie VanZandt (Sodius SAS) Member
- Chet Ensign (OASIS) TC Administrator

Election of Chair and Note taker
- Chair: Mikio Aoyama is nominated, and elected with no objection
- Co-chair: No candidate
-  Note  taker:  Masaki  Wakao  is  nominated,  and  appointed by the chair

Review of Charter-
Charter posted in the TC documents is reviewed, and approved subject to the
following changes to be included.

Scope                   :                   no                   objections
Scenario:                           no                           objections
-   Arthur   proposed  hierarchically  structure  of  the  Terminology  and
Vocabulary  in deliverable by separating the general vocabulary for project
management and one specific to SSC. The proposal is approved.
-  Arthur  suggested  to  have  a stable source for common vocabularies and
- Aoyama suggested to use PMBOK as a candidate for terminologies.
-  Arthur suggested to include resource shape, which I available at W3C. It
will be distributed for the reference.

IPR:                              no                             objections
Other:                             no                            objections

OSLC                                                                    MS:
-  It is necessary to formally approve to join the OSLC Member Section, and
Chet  will  set  up  voting  system  on  the  wiki.  All the TC members are
encouraged                   to                   vote                  it.

Discussion   on   taking   seed   documents/spec   and   how  to  progress:
-  As a candidate of a seed specification, PROMCODE Specification developed
by PROMCODE consortium is approved without objection.
-  It  was  pointed out that the PROMCODE Consortium Specification includes
Japanese words in(Figure 7 and 8., which are not serious problem, but needs
to be fixed.
- The content should be discussed in the next meeting.

Proposed                                                          Timeline:
-          Initial          Working         Draft         May,         2014
-         Committee         Working         Draft         June,        2014
-      Committee     Specification     Public     Review     July,     2014
-          Committee          Specification         September,         2014
-       Candidate       of      OASIS      Standard      December      2014
-             OASIS             Standard             March             2015

Discussions on Timelines
-  Q:  Is  it  necessary to implement specifications in order to be an OSIS
specification. -
- Chet: Yes. No demonstration required
- Aoyama: Some sample implementations are available on Eclipse Lyo
-  Kamimura: They might not enough. They are too tight if implementation is
-  Chet:  Draft  working document (during committee specification) does not
need implementation.
-  Sean:  Milestone  is Monthly basis. Need meeting schedule to achieve the
milestones. Other TCs have weekly basis meeting.
- Aoyama: Need setup more meetings.
- Sean: Need electronic mechanism also.
-  Aoyama:  Before July, we will have a teleconference by-weekly basis. Use
TC       Web      to      share      knowledge      and      specification.

Meeting schedule and next meeting
The upcoming meeting schedule is set.
-  Aoyama:  Time  slot  of  meeting  is fixed: 9 am JST. 5pm PDT. 8 pm EDT,
previous day.
- Aoyama: Next meeting will be
  8:00 pm April 8 (EDT), 9:00 am April 9 (JST),
  8:00 pm April 22(EDT), 9:00 am April 23(JST), [same time]

Others                                                              topics:
-  Sean:  Number of OSLC events at Innovate (BoF, session, ...). It is good
to     have     discussion     with     people     related     to     OSLC.

- Arthur: Suggested to use Issue Tracking system
-           Chet:           It           should           be          setup

- Kamimura: Suggested to get feedback for the current seed specification
-  Aoyama:  Uploaded  PROMCODE  specification  by  consortium  to  TC  Wiki

Action Items:
- Aoyama: Update charters regarding on Vocabularies and Terminologies
- Chet: Setup voting system for OSLC Member Section affiliation
- Aoyama: Consider implementation in the proposed Timeline
- Chet: Setup Issue tracking system
- All: Review the current seed document by the next meeting

Next meeting: 9:00 am, April 9 (JST), 8pm , April 8 (EDT)
- Topic: Technical discussion based on the seed document.

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