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Subject: OSLC PROMCODE Press Release & Call for Quotes

Dear TC Members,

The Consortium is in the process of drafting a press release to announceÂ
the approval ofÂOSLC PROMCODE Version 1.0 as an OASIS Standard. We have targeted Tuesday, 5 April for distribution.

While OASIS deeply appreciates the contributions of all members, only Foundational- and Sponsor-level members are eligible to receive promotional benefits, such as quote inclusion in announcements directed to the press.ÂSponsors may submit aÂquoteÂ(75 words or fewer) that will be featured in the body of the press release. Please emailÂquotesÂto me, including a name and title at your organization to whom theÂquoteÂcan be attributed,Âby Monday, 4 April.

If you represent a Foundational- or Sponsor-level organization, and you do *not* wish to be included in the press release, please notify me ASAP.

If you represent a Contributor-level member, and you wish to be recognized as a leader in the OSLC PROMCODE
Âwork, please contact me for information on changing your membership level to take advantage of this promotional benefit. (The dues increase would be prorated based on your renewal date.)

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.Â
Regards, Jane



Manager of Events


+1 703-508-3373

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