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Subject: OASIS/EEMA "Hyperconnected Trust" Conference - London July 8-9 2015

PMRM and PbD-SE TC Members,

OASIS, the OASIS IDtrust Member Section, and EEMA have partnered to organize a major two-day conference -- "Building Trust in a hyperconnected world: Connecting technology, devices, borders and the cloud"  -- near London Heathrow on July 8-9, 2015 at CA Technologies Ditton Manor, a wonderful historic venue.

There will be a strong focus on data privacy, PMRM and PbD at the event.  Please consider attending if you have an opportunity.  The agenda looks very strong and will be posted shortly. There are special discounted rates at the Marriott Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel until June 15.

Conference information is available at:  https://www.oasis-open.org/events/hyperconnected-2015/about

The registration page for the conference is at:  https://www.eema.org/Events/?eventId=e92bacef-ae93-4a00-9fc2-c3bb2e78f869
The promotion code for OASIS members is: OASIS
OASIS members register as follows:
Click on the ‘Event registration’ tab
Under ‘Are you a registered EEMA member click ‘no’ and continue
Under ‘Event Registration’ add the promotional code OASIS then click ‘continue’
Under ‘Event Registration’ third line down gives ‘your event fee’ of £195.00
Be aware that if you leave a page open too long (5 mins plus) and then return to it, hitting return comes up with a page to say that there is a ‘problem with the site’. Hitting refresh will cure the ‘problem’ 

Best regards,

John Sabo
Chair, IDtrust Member Section

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