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Subject: updated agenda for today's PKCS 11 TC concall

Hi –


Thanks to everyone who has sent me topics for this week’s call and published proposals for consideration by the TC!  Here’s what I’d suggest by way of revised agenda. I’ve also attached an updated list of where I think we stand with the various proposals/discussions related to v2.40.  Any other topics for our call this evening?


1 Opening remarks (co-chairs)

2 Roll call (secretary)

3 Review / approval of the agenda

4 Review / approval of previous meeting minutes: 17-Apr, 1-May, 15-May, 29-May

5 Old Business

  • Status of V2.40 docs (editors): Base Spec; Hist Mech; Curr Mech; Usage Guide; Profiles (Test Cases deferred for V2.40)
  • Capturing deferred items (Valerie)
  • encouraging +1/-1 comments” (Valerie)
  • Review / vote on 28-May proposals from Stef
  • Review / vote on 29-May secure key import proposal (AES) from Doron
  • Review/vote on 31-May extraction attack text proposal from Chris D.
  • Review / vote on 11-June proposals from Mike S.
  • Review of outstanding work for V2.40; consideration of working meeting next week
  • Topics for next call

6 New Business
7 Review Action Items
8 Adjourn



Given the various proposals under consideration today, I thought it might also be helpful to give a quick summary of the steps for the review/vote items on the agenda:


1)      The co-chairs ask the proposer to introduce the proposal: what problem it addresses, what outstanding issues if any, etc.  The proposal should be clear regarding what documents are affected, what textual changes/additions are proposed etc – both so that TC members know exactly what is being considered and so that the editors don’t have to write the text, interpret intentions, etc.


2)      Co-chairs call for discussion. This can include any points of clarification, disagreement and so on, as well as whether this is an editorial change or a change in substance.


3)      if the discussion indicates that the proposal is just an editorial correction or change and that it is appropriate for v2.40 (in terms of impact on the documents, etc), the co-chairs can take a consensus of the meeting, asking if there are any objections to accepting the proposal as an editorial change.


4)      If any TC member feels that the proposal is more than editorial, or that it otherwise has an impact sufficient to warrant a vote, then the co-chairs ask if there is a motion to propose a voice vote (in the meeting) or creation of a straw poll (unofficial ballot) or creation of an official ballot to determine whether to accept the proposal.  For official ballots for proposals, this should be just a “Simple Majority Ballot” (that is, a majority of all those voting). On the whole, I think it’s best to do an official ballot for anything that represents a significant addition or change to the spec, to make sure that all TC members have the opportunity to give the proposal careful consideration, to vote on it and to provide comment if they wish. Such a motion would be something like this: “[someone] moves that the co-chairs initiate a Simple Majority ballot to determine if the PKCS 11 TC accepts the proposal for xxx as submitted by yyy on [date]”.


5)       Co-chairs ask for a second to the motion, for any discussion on the motion and then any objections/abstentions.  If there is anyone objecting, we may need to do a roll call vote. 


Again, thanks to everyone for the great work on v2.40!








From: pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of Robert Griffin
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2013 10:44 AM
To: pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [pkcs11] Groups - Event "PKCS 11 TC bi-weekly concall/meeting" modified


Submitter's message
hi -

for this week's call, i anticipate that we'll have new versions of the Base Spec and the Usage Guide that the editors will want to introduce. We'll then consider voice votes or ballots for proposals that have been brought forward over the past several weeks. I'll be working with the folks between now and the call to determine which proposals will be brought forward for votes in the meeting.

I'll be creating the straw poll on the F2F later today; we might touch on this in the mee4ting.

Any other topics for this week?



-- Mr. Robert Griffin

Event Title: PKCS 11 TC bi-weekly concall/meeting

Date: Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 04:00pm to 05:00pm EDT
Location: concall

Call info will be distributed to PKCS 11 TC members and observers

This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.




PKCS 11 TC weekly concall

1 Opening remarks (co-chairs)

2 Roll call (secretary)
3 Review / approval of the agenda
3 Review / approval of previous meeting minutes (F2F, 20-Mar)
4 Old Business

  • Introduction for updated PKCS #11 2.40 Spec, Usage Guide
  • Consideration of proposals for V2.40
  • Topics for next call

5 New Business
6 Review Action Items
7 Adjourn


Owner: Mr. Robert Griffin
Sharing: This event is shared with the OASIS Open (General Membership), and General Public groups. Public Event Link


Attachment: PKCS 11 V2.40 status 12-jun-13.pdf
Description: PKCS 11 V2.40 status 12-jun-13.pdf

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