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Subject: Re: [pkcs11] Re: Proposal: New CKA_DESTROYABLE attribute

On 13/06/2013 5:47 AM, Michael StJohns wrote:
> On 6/12/2013 3:31 PM, Tim Hudson wrote:
>> On 13/06/2013 4:31 AM, Michael StJohns wrote:
>>> Yup.  None of the changes made in 2.30 are in the header files.
> Not sure where you got that, but it doesn't appear to be at
> http://www.rsa.com/rsalabs/node.asp?id=2133 and that is what was
> available to the public, not what Simon or Bob are working on.

The RSA folks had challenges putting updated files in place - so  these
headers are what were made available by the editors to whomever asked
for them.
As the RSA site became less and less workable as it was "enhanced"
Cryptsoft has maintained a more workable archive at

That contains all the versions of the specification and all the versions
of the header files except v1.0 which no one seems to be able to locate
the definitive copy thereof (it was not on the RSA site, and not in the
internal RSA repository according to those I asked).

And of course you have the contribution which Bob made on behalf of RSA
to the list - which happens to match those header files.


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