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pkcs11 message

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Subject: uploaded PKCS #11 v2.41 files

Hi –


I’ve just uploaded updated / initial versions of the v2.41 documents and computer-language files.


-          Though we do not expect any changes to the Profiles for v2.41, I’ve created a v2.41 version (based on the template we received in Nov. 2014) as it contains the conformance language referenced in the other v2.41 docs.


-          The Usage Guide is essentially the one John created in January, with a few editorial changes to make references consistent across the 5 documents.


-          The Base, Current and Historical specs include annotations regarding literal interfaces (indicated in green) and described interfaces (in yellow) provided by Tim. They also explicitly reference (on the title page, according to the template) the v2.41 computer language files, also uploaded, that reflect the work that Dina, Stef, Tim and other folks have been doing.  Note that the computer language files are the normative _expression_ of the definitions. In our call this week, I’d like to discuss whether we should keep the appendices or not in the v2.41 release, to minimize the risk of errors and the work that editors have to do.


I haven’t included the AES-XTS mechanism in the Current Mechanisms doc. Chet is working on a possible path for issuing V2.40 errata. If we can take such a path, then we may want to include substantitally more in the v2.41 documents. I hope we will have more information on this by Wednesday. But in the meantime, I wanted to get at least a first cut at all the v2.41 docs, consistent in format etc, into the Working Drafts folder.


Talk to you soon!




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