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pkcs11 message

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Subject: Groups - Action Item "Call-in information for PKCS 11 TC" added

Action Item Subject: Call-in information for PKCS 11 TC
Item Number: #0002

Hi -

Please find below the phone information for our PKCS 11 TC concall/meeting.

Note that the meeting is scheduled for 4 pm US Eastern Standard Time. Please check this against your local time zone.

If there are any problems with this bridge when you try to connect, please contact valerie.fenwick@oracle.com.




1. Call one of the dial-in numbers approximately 5 minutes before the start time.

US Toll free: 1 (866) 682-4770

2. When prompted, give the following information:

Conference code: 995-2779 (WW-LARRY is a helpful mnemonic)
Security code: 7527-11 (PKCS11 is a helpful mnemonic )

3. Depending on the conference call settings, you will
be entered directly into the conference, or you will
hear music until the conference begins.

International numbers (let me know if yours is missing):

Australia Brisbane +61 7 3031 7288 (I also have for Adelaide, Lyneham, Melbourne, North Ryde, North Sydney and Perth if needed)
Germany Munich +49 89 1430 2323
Switzerland Baden +41 564 833 300
Switzerland Geneva +41 227 999 898
United Kingdom TVP +44 118 924 9000
United Kingdom Belfast +44 28 9047 8140
United Kingdom Linlithgow +44 1506 672600

Owner: Valerie Fenwick
Status: Open
Priority: Low
Due Date: N/A

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