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Subject: Notes from today's PKI Edu meeting

Here are my notes from the first part of today's
PKI Education SC meeting (before June came on).




Notes from Start of October 7, 2004 PKI Edu Concall

We reviewed the feedback we have received on
the proposed outline for the PKI resources page.

We started with John Sabo's comment in favor of
maintaining a large "link farm", an exhaustive
and nearly complete list of PKI resources.

All of the PKI Education SC members disagreed with
this view. There are plenty of PKI link farms.
Maintaining another one won't help people
overcome any obstacles to PKI deployment and
usage. We have heard clearly in our survey
responses and our business relationships that
people want focussed information, just pointers
to the information they need: PKI basics,
business issues (benefits, ROI, etc.), standards,
and other key resources. Missing pieces include
ROI and "how-to" documents (cookbooks, best
practices, etc.).

At this point, June joined the call.

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