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pki-survey message

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Subject: Servey Marketing

Apologies for the inadvertent double posting of my previous message.

This is to bring you up to date on the action item I had to inquire 
about survey notice distribution to the PKI Research Workshop.

 I spoke to the Workshop Steering Committee Chair, Neil McBurnett of 
Internet 2, and he said we could use their list. It should number around 
120 participants.  I also talked to Bill Burr, keeper of the (large) 
email list for the Federal PKI Technical Work Group and we have 
permission to post a notice of the survey to that list, too.

I know there will be a lot of overlap in the two lists.  We have also 
discussed sending notification to the OASIS community at large and to 
the Internet 2 community which may exacerbate the multiple notices issue.

Booz Allen also has a membership in The Open Group and I know there is a 
fair amount of interest in PKI, having assumed the PKI Interoperability 
Challenge when they absorbed the EMA.  I'm confident we could obtain 
their agreement to publish notification of the survey to their members, 
if we agree to reach out to them.

So I think that we have the potential to reach a large population of 
knowledgeable and interested people.  We may want to discuss how we 
should handle the issue of multiple notices in our next meeting.


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