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Subject: Re: [pki-survey] Next Survey SC meeting MONDAY noon EDT

Now that I have done my duty by writing up the minutes
of the June 27 meeting, I can show my face without shame
and provide my comments on Peter Doyle's minutes of our
July 21 meeting.

Overall, I think these are great. They capture the
essence of the call and provide plenty of detail.
However, I did notice a few typos and omissions.
I'll note those inline below.




First, I'll note that some lines were rather long.
I suggest that you rewrap them to no more than 80

> PKI Survey SC

PKI TC Survey SC

> Conf call
> 21 July 2003
> Participants:
> Steve Hanna
> Peter Doyle
> Sharon Boyen

Boeyen, I believe.

> Absent:
> Paul Evans
> Terry Leahy
> Discussion:

> [snip]

> It was agreed that the second survey to be conducted in August 2003
> should; a) break down the obstacles identified in the first survey
> into sub-points in order to gain a more fine-grained understanding of
> the issues at hand; b) ask respondents to rank obstacles in terms of
> prioritization on a 10-point scale, thereby getting further refinement
> on the relative importance of different issues.

I didn't mean that we should ask people to rate things on a
10 point scale (like where 1 is Not an Obstacle and 10 is
Major Obstacle). I meant that we should ask people to "spend"
a budget of 10 points, putting as many points on each obstacle
as they like as long as the total for all obstacles is 10.
We can also tell people that they can use 100 points total
or whatever they like. We'll normalize this to a standard
10 point total.

Why do this? It makes people think about the fact that hard
decisions will need to be made about where to put our scarce
resources. If they feel strongly that most of our resources
should be spent on one or two obstacles, they can indicate that.

Also, I think there was another goal we agreed on for the
August 2003 survey: c) include obstacles not listed in
the June 2003 survey but cited by many respondents as
"Other" obstacles.

> <snip>

At the end of the meeting, we agreed to take the discussion of
the rest of the obstacles to the email list (especially discussing
what clarifying questions pertaining to those obstacles should
be included in the August 2003 survey). We also agreed to aim
to have a draft survey by the end of this week. I am working
on this!

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