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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] PLEASE REVIEW the draft PKI Obstacles survey

Thanks for the prompt response, Todd. Several others have
responded to me by private email. That's fine, too. I'll
summarize those comments to the pki-survey mailing list
once they are resolved.

> In Q4, I think "Complexity" and "Hard for End Users to Use"
> are too similar. By complexity I assume installation and
> administration of PKI is the target. If so, I think
> "Complex Implementation/Administration" is better wording.

I agree with your point. But I find your wording somewhat
intricate. I'd like something simpler that still clearly
communicates the same concept. Any ideas? Maybe
"Complex for IT Staff"?

> For Q9, I would add Ecommerce and/or Sales as categories
> in the popup.

I want to keep the sectors and industries in this popup broad.
A category like "Sales" should be fine, since it can include
retailers and wholesalers (whether online, bricks-and-mortar,
or a mix). And we should probably add a category for "Finance",
since that's a huge part of "Other Services" with lots of PKI

> Will there be other information describing the nature of the
> survey provided to people taking it such as the survey's purpose?

An email invitation will be sent out, inviting people to
participate in the survey. In that email, we'll cover the
purpose of the survey. But I intended for the survey web
page to describe the purpose of the survey. Our current
draft contains this paragraph:

> The OASIS Public Key Instracture Technical Committee (PKI TC) aims to
> address issues related to the successful deployment of digital
> certificates. We have decided to begin by identifying the most common
> obstacles to PKI deployment and usage so that they can be addressed.

Maybe we should add a sentence saying "Toward that end, we have
created this survey." Would that address your concern?



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