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Subject: Preliminary Analysis for the Conference Call

I've done some quick analysis of the survey and am posting it for reference.

Steve, is it possible to do a PDF of the survey?  It would be good to be 
able to compare to the raw data - the headings are a bit abstract. 
 Also, in the 'Employer Sector or Industry'  question, we have 38 
responses for the number 10 - any idea of what that's about?  Also, 
what's the translation of the country codes?  I assume 1 = US (102 
responses), the next largest is 40 (29 responses).

Overall, it paints a pretty grim picture for PKI, but then we were 
asking for obstacles and we got what we asked for.  I think this adds 
some magnitude numbers to the EEMA's pkiC paper I distributed earlier. 
 Lots of work to do....



OASIS Survey.doc

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