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Subject: REMINDER: PKI TC Meeting Wednesday 11:00 AM EDT

The next meeting of the OASIS PKI TC will be Wednesday,
July 16, 2003 at 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time.

PLEASE attend this meeting if at all possible. Our agenda
is packed with interesting topics. If you can't attend,
please ask me for a leave of absence beforehand so we can be
sure to have a quorum for the meeting.

The conference call information is:

Domestic: 877-738-6379 
Int'l: 706-679-6681 
Conference Code: 908-874-9769

Here is a draft agenda:

11:00 Roll Call
11:05 Correct and Approve Minutes of May 21 and April 30 Meetings
11:10 Discuss survey results and conclusions
11:25 Vote on whether/when to release survey report to public

Motion: Resolved, to approve the release of the
        "PKI Obstacles June 2003 Survey Report" to the
        general public, including especially survey
        respondents (subject to editorial corrections)

11:30 Discuss and perhaps agree to act on the Survey
      Subcommittee's recommendations for Next Steps
11:55 Any Other Business
12:00 Adjourn



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