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Subject: REMINDER: PKI TC Meeting Wednesday 11:00 AM EDT

The next meeting of the OASIS PKI TC will be Wednesday,
August 20, 2003 at 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time.

The conference call information is:

U.S.:     +1.888.827.2241 (toll-free)
Non-U.S.: +1.706.679.8701
Conference Code: 703-708-3037

Here is a draft agenda:

11:00 Roll Call
11:05 Correct and Approve Minutes of July 16, 2003 Meeting
11:10 Discuss agenda and logistics for September 19 F2F
11:40 Any Other Business
11:45 Adjourn

Please attend this meeting if possible. This call isn't
as critical as our September F2F, but we do need to agree
on the agenda for the September F2F. I'll send out a draft
of that agenda to this list shortly. Feel free to comment
by email if you can't make it Wednesday.



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