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Subject: PKI TC F2F cancelled due to Hurricane Isabel

Hurricane Isabel is currently predicted to hit the
Washington, DC area on Friday. This is "one of the
strongest Atlantic hurricanes in recent memory",
according to a Reuters report. John Sabo tells me
that smaller storms in recent years have caused
widespread power outages and serious property damage
in the Washington, DC area.

Therefore, John and I have agreed that we must cancel
the OASIS PKI TC face-to-face meeting previously
scheduled for September 19, 2003 in Herndon, Virginia.
I'm disappointed, but it would be irresponsible to
place our members in such danger. And it seems likely
that we would not be able to get anything done at that
time in that location, due to the weather.

Although there is considerable uncertainty in the
forecasts and it is possible that the storm might
suddenly blow out to sea, the odds strongly favor
a major storm in the DC area on that date. Waiting
longer to decide about cancellation would just
inconvenience our members more.

I apologize to all those who have made travel plans
and will lose some deposits. By cancelling four days
in advance, I hope you will be able to recover some.

Next, I'd like to ask how to fill the gap left by
this cancellation. We could schedule a face-to-face
meeting on one of the backup dates: September 29 or 30.
Or we could schedule a long conference call (or several
shorter ones) to accomplish the work we planned for
the face-to-face meeting: reviewing the results of
the Follow-up Survey and agreeing on our Action Plan.
I don't think that we should consider having a
face-to-face meeting in October. John's schedule is
very busy and I want to get moving on this Action Plan!

Please let me know which of these you would prefer
and which ones would be acceptable to you:

1) Face-to-face meeting September 29

2) Face-to-face meeting September 30

3) Conference calls

The sooner we can decide this, the better. Especially
if we decide on a face-to-face meeting. As for myself,
any of these are fine. I'd prefer a face-to-face meeting
if we can get 5 or 6 people to attend in person. Otherwise,
I'd go for conference calls.



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