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Subject: Draft results from Follow-up Survey

Here (attached to this email) is a draft analysis of
the responses to our Follow-up Survey. Please review
this before the PKI TC F2F next week. Send comments
to me or the PKI TC list or bring them to the F2F.
Please keep this document confidential until the PKI TC
votes to make it public (probably in October with the
draft Action Plan, I suspect).

I have also attached a copy of the textual comments
supplied by survey respondents. Please keep this
document confidential to preserve the privacy of
the survey respondents (and because the copyright
status of this document is somewhat unclear). However,
it does provide quite a bit of insight. I think these
textual comments are probably the most useful part
of the survey responses. However, I expect that we
will not want to release the full comments publicly
because of their size and the privacy and copyright
issues mentioned above. Instead, we'll release the
survey analysis, which contains a summary of the
textual comments.





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