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Subject: Draft 0.1 PKI Action Plan

At yesterday's F2F, I promised to draft a PKI Action Plan
based on our discussions and send it out to the PKI TC
list today. Here you go!

Attached to this email is a draft PKI Action Plan, version
0.1. Please review this document and send any comments to
the PKI TC email list ASAP. Then we can proceed with the
plan we agreed on yesterday:

* Steve prepares first draft Action Plan Wednesday morning,
  send to the PKI TC email list. [DONE]
* PKI TC members review draft Action Plan, send comments
  to PKI TC email list.
* Steve prepares revised Action Plan this Friday to reflect
  any comments received by then.
* After Friday, PKI TC members talk to PKI stakeholders in private
  about the plan. Please send their comments to this list or
  ask them to send them to pki-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
  or if they're super-confidential pass them on to me directly.
* Steve Hanna revises the draft Action Plan as needed.
* In late October, PKI TC votes to post the current draft Action
  Plan in a publicly accessible location, link to it from our
  public web site, and ask for broader review.
* In January, PKI TC asks people to sign on to the latest version.
* In February, PKI TC rolls out the Action Plan at the RSA conference.

BTW, I should have the Follow-up Survey Analysis posted on
our public web site (but not linked from our main page) by
Friday. That will be useful in your discussions with various
groups. For those preparing slides, I expect that the URL for
the Follow-up results will be


This should complement the June 2003 results, which are at




PKI Action Plan 0.1.doc

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