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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] [Fwd: Description of Messaging Forum meeting - Updated 3rd October]

I think this is a great idea. Thanks for suggesting
it, Paul. Go for it!



Evans Paul wrote:
> The Open Group is meeting the week of October 20.  The Electronic
> Messaging Forum has several activities that may be of relevance to our
> efforts.  There may be an opening on their agenda that we could
> provide
> a briefing and discussion of our survey and action plan.
> The Open Group was very cooperative in disseminating our survey
> invitation.  I think we should look into the 'interoperability pledge'
> activity they discuss in this communique.
> I could contact Mike Lambert and inquire into securing an agenda spot
> if
> the team thinks it would be useful in advancing our work.
> Paul
>     ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: Description of Messaging Forum meeting - Updated 3rd October
> Resent-Date: 3 Oct 2003 12:53:43 -0000
> Resent-From: messagingforum@opengroup.org
> Resent-To: messagingforum@opengroup.org
> Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 13:51:38 +0100
> From: Mike Lambert <m.lambert@opengroup.org>
> To: messagingforum@opengroup.org, t.henderson@opengroup.org
> The next meeting of The Open Group Messaging Forum will take place as
> part of The Open Group's regular quarterly meeting at the Sheraton,
> Tyson's Corner (near Washington, DC).
> The meeting will feature a number of special events:
> Secure Messaging Liaison Meeting (Tuesday 21st October)
> The demand for encryption of email is growing rapidly, to protect
> commercially sensitive information and to meet legal requirements for
> privacy. While individual vendor products are capable of supporting
> encryption, interoperability between products from different vendors
> has proved difficult to achieve. The Messaging Forum is working on the
> development of an Architecture for Secure Messaging and a
> Certification Program for Secure Messaging Gateway products.
> As a signatory to the Interoperability Pledge, The Open Group is
> committed to avoidance of duplication of activities. This session will
> bring together many of the groups working on Secure Messaging to
> compare activities.
> The keynote address to this session will be given by Michael W Todd
> (US DoD Chief Information Officer) who will address the topic of
> Messaging in a NetCentric Environment.
> Confirmed speakers include:
>    * Ken Beer,  Tumbleweed Communications Corp - Secure Messaging
>      Gateway Certification
>    * Michael Chernick,  NIST - S/MIME Testing
>    * Russ Chung, American Eagle Group - End-to-end Message Encryption,
>      The Open Group Secure Messaging Challenge
>    * Ben Littauer, Comsultant - IETF and Secure Messaging
> Other topics to be addressed (speakers still to be confirmed) include:
>    * The DoD IECA Program
>    * The EEMA PKIc project
> Mobile Messaging - Birds of a Feather Session (Tuesday 21st October)
> Mobility is a major aspect of today's messaging systems. The Open
> Group's work on developing a Business Scenario for Unified Messaging
> has identified strong business needs relating to mobility, such as
> session persistence across service providers and bearers. The Open
> Groups' Mobile Management Forum has developed a Secure Mobile
> Architecture. This session will bring together people with an interest
> in Messaging, Security and Mobility to discuss:
>    * The applicability of the MMF Secure Mobile Architecture to the
>      work of the Messaging Forum
>    * Whether Mobile Messaging should be considered as part of the
>      Unified Messaging program or as a subject in its own right.
> The Spam Summit - (Wednesday 22nd October)
> The growth of unsolicited email (Spam) is threatening to overwhelm
> email systems. Technical solutions which intercept Spam are emerging
> but raise a number of important questions:
>    * False positives .. valid email rejected
>    * Can the developers of Spam filters keep up with Spammers
>    * How does this impact the business of legitimate email marketing
>      companies
>    * Anti-Spam legislation is emerging but having little impact beyond
>      encouraging the originators of Spam to move to areas beyond the
>      jurisdiction of legislation.
> The whole day session will bring together many groups concerned about
> Spam to explore ways of addressing the problem, including Legislators,
> Large IT Users, Suppliers of Spam Filter technology and eMarketing
> companies.
> Confirmed speakers include:
>    * Andrew Barrett, SpamCom - "Blacklisting: Issues for Senders, ISPs
>      and Recipients"
>    * Suresh Ramasubramanian, CAUCE - "Antispam Laws in Asia and the
>      USA from a Worldwide ISP Perspective
>    * Mike Lambert, The Open Group - Spam legislation in Europe
> Although this session will not include any vendor product
> presentations, there will be a showcase featuring products to help
> manage Spam.
> Instant Messaging - (Thursday 23rd October)
> Instant Messaging is currently enjoying explosive growth and is being
> introduced into business environments outside of the control of
> existing corporate policies. Following up on a Birds of a Feather
> session in July, this session will start to explore issues of concern
> to enterprises, including:
>    * security,
>    * interoperability,
>    * directory,
>    * functionality and
>    * enterprise policy.
> All of these events will be open to members and non-members.
> All attendees are also invited to participate in:
>    * The plenary sessions "Boundaryless Information Flow & Enterprise
>      Architecture" (Monday 20th October)
>      This conference is designed to help today's organizations
>      breakdown the stovepipes in their IT systems to enable integrated
>      information to be accessed in a secure reliable and timely
>      manner. In recognizing that no organization can afford to replace
>      its legacy infrastructure, enterprise architecture has moved to
>      center stage to address this challenge.
>      Attendees will share requirements and experiences of user
>      organizations, understand the approaches being taken by
>      suppliers, learn about the evolving industry standards and best
>      practices, and network with leading practitioners and thought
>      leaders.
>      Any other designated "Open" sessions during the week.
> In addition, members of the Messaging Forum (and other representatives
> from their organizations) are entitled to participate in The Messaging
> Forum Strategy & Planning session (Thursday 23rd October)
> Members of the Messaging Forum will review the outcome of the various
> sessions during the week and work carried out within the Forum during
> the previous 3 months in order to agree the forward work plan and how
> this should be modified to reflect market and technology developments.
> In addition to the topics addressed in depth during the week, this
> will also include a status report on the Secure Messaging Gateway
> Certification and Unified Messaging programs.
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