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Subject: PKI Action Plan 0.3

Here (attached to this email) is a new draft of the
PKI Action Plan. I have made the changes agreed to
on the PKI TC's October 20 conference call. A list
of the changes is included at the end of this message.

Please review this draft. If you feel that I have
not properly made the changes agreed to by the TC,
please send me email. Other change requests should
be sent to the PKI Issues Subcommittee at

As agreed to on our last concall, if there are no
objections in a few days I will post the new draft
on our web site.




Changes in PKI Action Plan 0.3

1) In the second paragraph of the introduction, changed
   "But high costs and interoperability problems have
   limited the use of PKI." to "But a number of barriers,
   including lack of applications, high costs, poor
   understanding of PKI, and interoperability problems
   have contributed to the limited use of PKI."

2) In the last paragraph of the introduction, changed
   "Within two years, PKI deployment should be substantially
   easier." to "The PKI TC believes that a serious effort by
   all parties to implement this plan will provide substantial
   improvements for all."

3) Made changes throughout the document to clarify the
   role of the PKI TC as primarily a catalyst and coordinator
   and to recognize the work of others already under way.

4) In the last paragraph of section 2.0, deleted the sentence
   "Membership fees are quite low, especially for individuals
   and non-profit organizations."

5) Changed the last Action Item from "Provide Educational
   Materials on PKI" to "Gather and Supplement Educational
   Materials on PKI".


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