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Subject: BALLOT: Shall we move to Public Review?

We are rapidly approaching the end of our confidential
review period (scheduled to end October 31). During this
time, the draft Action Plan has been distributed to
many groups: the leadership of the IETF, EEMA, APKIF,
and the PKI R&D Workshop; the membership of HEPKI-TAG;
representatives of all the major PKI vendors; and major
PKI customers such as Johnson and Johnson and the U.S.
Government. Presentations have been made to FPKITWG and
The Open Group. Dozens of comments have been received,
some of them quite lengthy. The Issues Subcommittee
is considering these comments and will recommend changes
to be made in light of them.

I realized that the TC hasn't actually taken a vote
on when to move the PKI Action Plan to public review.
Fortunately, we have a standing rule that allows us to
use electronic balloting so we don't have to wait for
our next concall.

In a minute, I will start an online ballot on the TC
web site for the question "Shall we move the PKI Action
Plan to Public Review on November 1, 2003? Yes/No".
Please vote on this by 4:00 PM this Friday, October 31.

Feel free to discuss this question on the TC email list.

Here's how I'll count the votes. First, a majority of
our Voting Members must vote. If that is achieved, then
whichever outcome receives the greater number of votes
will win.



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