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Subject: RE: [pki-tc] Microsoft contacts?

I have forwarded it to Ronny Bjones, Stefan Santesson and Mirek Lang who are
key Microsoft guys in Europe on Security matters.

Steve, I have cc'd you.

All the best


-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Hanna [mailto:steve.hanna@sun.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 3:54 PM
Subject: [pki-tc] Microsoft contacts?

Does anyone have good contacts at Microsoft? Peter Doyle
and I have tried our contacts, asking them to review
and comment on the draft PKI Action Plan. No response.
Maybe somebody else will have better luck. I'd really
like to have Microsoft on board for this effort, if

I have included below the main part of the email that
I sent to Microsoft. Feel free to reuse any part of it
(or not, since it didn't seem to work!).




You have probably heard that the OASIS PKI Technical
Committee has been working on identifying the primary
obstacles to PKI deployment and usage and figuring out
how (or whether) they can be addressed. TC members include
key PKI vendors and customers, lawyers, auditors, etc.

Since Microsoft is a key player in the PKI area,
I want to ask you to review our work so far,
comment, and consider actively participating.
PKI is a key technology that is important to all
of us and our customers. Working together, we can
ease its use. But without the support of Microsoft,
these efforts will not be very effective.

Here's the background information you need.
Please let me know what you think.


Steve Hanna
OASIS PKI TC co-chair


Background on the OASIS PKI TC's draft PKI Action Plan

Over the summer, the OASIS PKI Technical Committee did
two surveys aimed at identifying and understanding
obstacles to PKI deployment and usage and how they
could be addressed. Those surveys were quite successful, getting detailed
responses from more than 200 people with strong PKI experience and

After analyzing the survey responses, the OASIS PKI
Technical Committee has prepared a draft PKI Action
Plan, which we are circulating to gather feedback and
support. In October, we are in confidential consultations
with key PKI stakeholders (vendors, customers/users,
standards groups, etc.). In November and December,
we'll go out for public review (including all the
folks who responded to the surveys). And in February,
we hope to roll out the plan with support from all the
folks we need to make it happen.

The current draft of the PKI Action Plan is at
It is only 7 pages, so reviewing it isn't too hard!

Note that this is still a rough draft. One main
change we plan to make in the next draft is
to acknowledge more clearly that easing PKI
deployment is not an easy problem. Lots of people
have been working on it for many years and doing
a very good job. We (the PKI TC) want to serve as
a clearinghouse where vendors, users, standards
groups, and others can agree on next steps. But
we don't intend to supplant any of those roles.

If you want to see the survey results, they're here:
PLEASE keep all these documents confidential until the
TC sends them out for public review in early November.

Here are some questions you may want to consider while
reading the draft Action Plan. Just a few things to get
you thinking.

Basic Questions:

* Is this draft PKI Action Plan ambitious enough?
* Is the plan too ambitious (not feasible)?
* Does it properly identify the most critical problems?
* Does it propose practical, but effective solutions?
* How could the plan be improved?
* Are you willing to help? If so, how?
* Will you sign on as a supporter of the plan?
  Will your organization do so?

More In-depth Questions:

* Who should be involved in executing the plan?
* How can we contact, motivate, and involve them?
* What is the relative importance of the action steps?
* What resources will be required to achieve the specific
  deliverables identified in the plan?
* Is there work already underway or planned that will
  address these issues?
* How should this plan be coordinated among all the
  relevant stakeholders?

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