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Subject: Recap from RSA Conference

Here's a belated report on PKI TC activities at
the RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 23-27.
Just my perspective, but it may be interesting.



* PKI Action Plan Rollout

  We rolled out (announced) the PKI Action Plan
  to considerable praise. The Action Plan currently
  lists 8 organizational supporters and 24 individual
  supporters including many industry luminaries such
  as Whit Diffie, Stephen Kent, and Russ Housley.

  OASIS issued a press release announcing the
  PKI Action Plan that was distributed to many
  members of the press. Sun Microsystems also
  mentioned the PKI Action Plan in a press release
  that week. The OASIS press release included
  quotes from John Sabo and Steve Hanna and
  statements of support from Entrust, FundSERV,
  and Sun Microsystems.

  We got a lot of press coverage. I have included
  some links to articles at the end of this message.
  I hear that ComputerWorld will probably have an
  in-depth article on the PKI Action Plan coming out soon.

  We handed out more than 100 copies of the PKI Action
  Plan, mostly at the OASIS booth. We could have handed
  out more. We ran out on the last day. Scott McGrath
  of OASIS reported that a lot of people were interested
  and supportive (although some were a bit bruised from
  earlier PKI deployment experiences).

  Thanks to the talented efforts of June Leung and
  Dee Schur, our reception was great! More than
  30 people came to the reception and many hung
  around until the very end, sitting and chatting
  until the servers kicked us out. I have a list of
  contacts from that event. We will follow up with
  an informational email about the PKI Action Plan
  and invite them to get more involved by agreeing
  to be listed as a supporter of the plan or joining
  the PKI TC and helping us to implement the plan.

  I walked through the exhibition on the last day,
  stopping at the booths of PKI-related companies,
  talking to them about the PKI Action Plan, and
  recruiting them to help. I still have some followup
  to do on the contacts I made, but I'm confident
  that we'll get several more PKI TC members from
  this event. Several people told me that they planned
  to go right home and get started on joining.

  And, in fact, new PKI TC members have been pouring
  in since the RSA Conference. Also, we have received
  several more endorsements for the PKI Action Plan
  and I hear that several more are on the way.


  The PKI TC had a face-to-face meeting on Tuesday,
  February 24. Ten PKI TC members came to this lunch
  meeting at Sun's offices in San Francisco. We had
  a conference call line open but nobody joined there.
  The meeting was quite informal and we agreed not to
  take notes or have the meeting count toward attendance
  requirements. We went around the table and talked
  about our backgrounds. Then we passed out badges
  for the reception and discussed that. A good time
  was had by all.


Press coverage of PKI Action Plan rollout

developer.net.au gave us some press:

And ebizQ:

Also, <?xmlhack?>:
which is picked up by several pages:
http://axkit.org and http://www.trishore.ca/newsXML.php

And EUROPA, the European Union's web portal:


And one of Sun's press releases from the conference:

>From that Sun press release, we got a few more mentions:

And of course the Sun Labs web site covered us:

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