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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Report from Ask Vendors SC

The Applications Guidelines SC has similarly decided to
wait until the end of summer to pursue the next step -
which is, to determine exactly what the survey respondents
meant by "e-commerce".

Since the SC currently only has 2 active members - Steve
& myself - things are generally on hold until September.
We should make more progress in the Fall.


Arshad Noor

Steve Hanna wrote:
> At the last PKI TC meeting, it was requested
> that the chair of each subcommittee submit a
> status report on the Monday before the PKI TC
> meeting. Here's the status report for the
> Ask Vendors Subcommittee.
> The Ask Vendors Subcommittee has made almost
> no progress in the last month. The chair (me)
> has been busy changing jobs. Also, we concluded
> that it would not be productive to conduct
> our survey during the summer due to vacations.
> Our status is as follows. We have a list of vendors
> of certain key applications (email and document
> creation and signing) with contact addresses.
> We also have a draft survey asking those vendors
> how much PKI support they have now and what
> would encourage them to include more. We plan
> to send out the survey by email and receive
> responses in the same way. I expect that this
> will get under way in early September.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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