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Subject: Lower Cost status report for week of August 16, 2004

In our last meeting, we wrestled with the issue that none of the members have enough volunteer hours available to move the work forward at a sufficient pace to be successful.  We have decided to put together a proposal to request funds from the Steering Committee to support this effort.  We will look to hire a contractor to move the survey work forward.


The current action item of the sub committee is to develop a cost model for PKI.  The principal mechanism to accomplish this is a survey which will be administered within the TC first and then taken to a larger audience outside of OASIS.  Following a list of activities to be contracted out in support of this effort:

-         Draft the survey

Work with the sub committee members to draft a survey.  The sub committee will approve the survey before the survey is conducted.

-         Survey Phase 1

TC members will be the target of the first phase.  The contractor will conduct the survey with all willing TC members.

-         Phase 1 analysis

The contractor will provide analysis of the survey results and coordinate feedback from the TC on the survey itself.

-         Refine the Survey

The contractor will edit and refine the survey based on the feedback from the TC, the analysis of the phase 1 results, and guidance from the sub committee.

-         Identify second phase targets

The contractor will coordinate input from the TC as to likely candidates for the second phase survey.  The subcommittee will approve the final list.

-         Survey Phase 2

The contractor will conduct the survey with representative on both the consumer and producer side of the PKI industry.

-         Report analysis of results

The contractor will report analysis of the results to the sub committee in a format suitable for reporting to both the TC as well as the public.




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