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Subject: PKI R&D Workshop - Early Bird Registration Deadline Approaching!

6th Annual PKI R&D Workshop at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD
"Applications-Driven PKI (It's the Apps, Stupid!)"
April 17-19, 2007

Early Bird Registration: $110 until February 2nd, $160 after that.

Last day to pre-register: April 10

Come join with experts from NIST, NIH, private industry and universities
around the world for our sixth workshop! Additional details will be
available soon.

Technical Paper sessions (refereed papers):
      * Digital Signatures
      * PKI Technology
      * Grid Security

See full details below or check the web site at 

Panels and Invited Talks will center on applications of public key

     * Identity management technology (e.g., CardSpace, Higgins,
       SAML, Shibboleth, OpenID)
     * PKI in the Mortgage Industry
     * PKI in Government efforts for Homeland Security (HSPD-12)
     * An update from the OASIS PKI Steering Committee
     * Federation and Virtual Organization experiences
     * Human factors

The workshop will also include a work-in-progress session, including
an impromptu rump session where participants can introduce their
latest activities in a rapid-fire session.

Details - Technical Paper sessions (refereed papers):

Digital Signatures

* The OASIS Digital Signing Service and its Application to E-Invoicing
   in Europe [Nick Pope, Thales e-Security, UK and Juan Carlos Cruellas
   - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain]

* The Directory_Enabled PKI Appliance: Digital Signatures Made
   Simple, Approach and Real World Experience [Uri Resnitzky, Algorithmic
   Research (ARX)]

* A New Paradigm in PKI Architecture: OTPK Technology [Zvi Efroni and
   Tan Teik Guan, Data Security Systems Solutions Pte Ltd]

PKI Technology

* Universal Certificate Authentication to Key Applications at
   Argonne National Laboratory [Doug Engert, Rich Raffenetti, Dave
   Salbego and John Volmer, Argonne National Laboratory]

* Temporal Public Key Infrastructure [Ricardo Felipe Custodio, Julio da
   Silva Dias, Fernando Carlos Pereira and Adriana Elissa Notoya,
   Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina-UFSC]

* Limited Delegation for Client - Side SSL [Nicholas Santos and Sean
   Smith, Dartmouth College]

Grid Security

* A Scalable PKI for a National Grid Service [Jens Jensen, David Spence
   and Matthew Viljoen, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory]

* A Certificate-Free Grid Security Infrastructure Supporting
   Password-Based User Authentication [Jason Crampton, Hoon Wei Lim,
   Kenneth G. Paterson and Geraint Price, Royal Holloway, University of

* Enabling the Provisioning and Management of a Federated
   Grid Trust Fabric [Stephen Langella, Ohio State University (OSU);
   Scott Oster, OSU; Shannon Hastings, OSU; Frank Siebenlist, Argonne
   National Laboratory; Tahsin Kurc, OSU and Joel Saltz, OSU]

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