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Subject: RE: [plcs-tog] OASIS PLCS TC concept model

Title: RE: [plcs-tog] OASIS PLCS TC concept model

I agree with all the subsequent comments from my previous mail.

I may be behind current thinking here, but do not think that we will have all the constructs until we have separated out the different aspects into separate slides along orthogonal axis according to where they are/should be used. E.g. content of DEX/BES/CAP, content of dexlib, process of standardising ref data ..etc., in short - until we have an agreed archtitecture which works at all levels, though that can take a little time & may be an iterative procedure.

We also need to compare what we are generating here and current documentation to ensure that there is no contradiction, that we are consistent and to update material where necessary asap so that the community can see/share the same vision.


NB is the exploder working correctly? I don't seem to get anything of mine sent to it (though it may be my spam filter)!

-----Original Message-----
From: Tor Arne Irgens [mailto:tai@sfk.mil.no]
Sent: 13 October 2005 05:06
To: mats.nilsson@fmv.se; plcs-tog@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [plcs-tog] OASIS PLCS TC concept model

Concur with Mats.
There are a lot of good comments so far and I believe this discussion is very fruitful in ensuring ONE COMMON understanding of the terms/constructs/words/xxx/uuyyu/etc.

As Nigel suggests we need to refine some of the details in additional slideshows.

A color key would be nice.
Maybe the purpose is to show by color what is at ISO level, at OASIS level and on BUSINESS level to decide?
Or a separate color for the standardized stuff, one for under development?
Or one color for tools?

Even though not all the comments so far can be reflected in the end product, I find it difficult to disagree with any of the comments.

I suggest we let it run for another week, before trying to bring it all together.

Do we have the entire set of constructs we need in the model by now, or is something still missing?

Best regards
Tor Arne

-----Original Message-----
From: mats.nilsson@fmv.se [mailto:mats.nilsson@fmv.se]
Sent: 13. oktober 2005 10:28
To: plcs-tog@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [plcs-tog] OASIS PLCS TC concept model

Tim and all others,

As I se it, the main purpose of the Concept Model is to define the terms we use to express different concepts among out selves and to a future external audience.

It first came from the need to clarify the difference between a DEX Specification and a DEX file because the term 'DEX' was used for both! The use of 'Business Concept' was also unclear...

I think it will help us all lot in the future if we complete and agree on this model, and then add new terms/concepts to it as we make them up.

  Mats - FMV

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