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Subject: [provision] Proposed Charter


In an effort to better clarify scope for PSTC efforts, I have added some
further meat to the bones of the initial charter text.  Hopefully this
will lead to a wider discussion on scope, the results of which can be
used agree the charter and get started on the use cases and a
requirements document.

To qualify:

- By resource hierarchies I am referring to organizations, directories
or container hierarchies used to nest/contain resources and or
user/identity definitions within a given resource



The purpose of the OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee
(PSTC) is to define an XML-based framework for exchanging user, resource
and service provisioning information. This framework is commonly
referred to as the Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML).

The Technical Committee will develop an end-to-end, open specification
addressing the required semantics to exchange requests between
cooperating provisioning services. A provisioning service is defined as
any infrastructure component capable of consuming well formed SPML

The finished specification is expected to include (but is not limited
to) core XML schemas for the following:

*	Query and exchange of available resources to provision to
*	Query and exchange of available resource attributes
*	Query and exchange of available resource identities
*	Query and exchange of resource hierarchies 
*	Request and response for specific provisioning requests

The following are also initial assumptions relating to the scope and
nature of the SPML framework:

*	SPML assumes a pre-existing trust model between the SPML
requestor and the SPML 	compliant service
*	Encryption and message integrity should be available at the
session level (via 	SSL/TSL) and at the individual element level
though XML-Encryption and XML-	Signatures

The SPML specification will be developed with consideration of the
following existing specifications (which are of public knowledge,
accessible, and freely distributed).

*	Active Digital Profile (ADPr)
*	eXtensible Resource Provisioning Management (XRPM)
*	Information Technology Markup Language (ITML)

The PSTC will produce a set of one or more Committee Specifications that
will cover the following (all of which are to be examined with respect
to security considerations):

*	Use cases and requirements
*	Information model
*	Protocol(s)
*	Bindings
*	Conformance

The goal of the committee (subject to revision) is to submit a
Specification to the OASIS membership for its approval by September of

Darran Rolls                      http://www.waveset.com
Waveset Technologies Inc          drolls@waveset.com 
(512) 657 8360                    PGP  0x8AC67C6F   

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