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Subject: Re: [provision] Proposed Charter

I think the charter that Darran put together is right on target, but there
is a slight disconnect between the charter and the proposed acronym, SPML. I
like SPML (and I love Spam), but in the charter we refer to provisioning
resourcers and the acronym refers to provisioning services. This was the
same point I brought up before about SPML. It only works if we define a
"Service to be provisioned" as equivalent to a "Resource to be provisioned".

We could use Resource Provisioning ML (RPML), but I think that is already
taken as another XML TLA. Note that I refer to these XML TLAs (3 letter
acronyms) as TLAs rather than FLAs (four letter acronyms) since the M and
the L are allways used together and can be considered to be a meta-acronym.

If we want to keep PSML as our TLA, then weshould tweak the charter to refer
to Services where we currently refer to Resources and define a Server to be
equivalent to a resource.

Jeff Bohren

Darran Rolls wrote:

> Colleagues
> In an effort to better clarify scope for PSTC efforts, I have added some
> further meat to the bones of the initial charter text.  Hopefully this
> will lead to a wider discussion on scope, the results of which can be
> used agree the charter and get started on the use cases and a
> requirements document.
> To qualify:
> - By resource hierarchies I am referring to organizations, directories
> or container hierarchies used to nest/contain resources and or
> user/identity definitions within a given resource
> -djr
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------
> The purpose of the OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee
> (PSTC) is to define an XML-based framework for exchanging user, resource
> and service provisioning information. This framework is commonly
> referred to as the Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML).
> The Technical Committee will develop an end-to-end, open specification
> addressing the required semantics to exchange requests between
> cooperating provisioning services. A provisioning service is defined as
> any infrastructure component capable of consuming well formed SPML
> request.
> The finished specification is expected to include (but is not limited
> to) core XML schemas for the following:
> *       Query and exchange of available resources to provision to
> *       Query and exchange of available resource attributes
> *       Query and exchange of available resource identities
> *       Query and exchange of resource hierarchies
> *       Request and response for specific provisioning requests
> The following are also initial assumptions relating to the scope and
> nature of the SPML framework:
> *       SPML assumes a pre-existing trust model between the SPML
> requestor and the SPML  compliant service
> *       Encryption and message integrity should be available at the
> session level (via      SSL/TSL) and at the individual element level
> though XML-Encryption and XML-  Signatures
> The SPML specification will be developed with consideration of the
> following existing specifications (which are of public knowledge,
> accessible, and freely distributed).
> *       Active Digital Profile (ADPr)
> *       eXtensible Resource Provisioning Management (XRPM)
> *       Information Technology Markup Language (ITML)
> The PSTC will produce a set of one or more Committee Specifications that
> will cover the following (all of which are to be examined with respect
> to security considerations):
> *       Use cases and requirements
> *       Information model
> *       Protocol(s)
> *       Bindings
> *       Conformance
> The goal of the committee (subject to revision) is to submit a
> Specification to the OASIS membership for its approval by September of
> 2002.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Darran Rolls                      http://www.waveset.com
> Waveset Technologies Inc          drolls@waveset.com
> (512) 657 8360                    PGP  0x8AC67C6F
> --------------------------------------------------------
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
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Jeff bohren
Product Architect
OpenNetwork Techologies
(727) 561-9500x219

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