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Subject: [provision] PSTC Meeting Minutes 12/10/2001

PSTC Conference Call December 10, 2001
12:00pm CST
Dial-in Number: 888-742-8686
Conference ID: 8263334

Minutes Taken By Gavenraj Sodhi

Call to order & roll call 

Participating Active Members

Gavenraj Sodhi
Yoav Kirsch
Hal Lockhart
Tim Moses
Karl Gottschalk
Cliff Schmidt
Marc Chanliau
Rob Weltman
Prasanta Behera
Winston Bumpus
Jeff Bohren
Darran Rolls

Prospective Members

Anand Ranthidevan
Edwin Desouza
Mark Pozefsky

No changes or additions to the agenda.

-	Membership will be posted today on:
-	Next meeting will be December 17th

Action Items (Due Friday, December 14th, 2001)
-	Jamcracker: General Business use cases by Friday (Anand Ranthidevan)
-	Waveset:  Use Case by Friday (Darran Rolls)
-	XRPM:  Action Item:  Use Case by Friday    (Gavenraj Sodhi)
-	Darran Rolls:  Dig out original scope for the group to review

Business in Order - Motion to accept minutes of November 26th meeting

Business in Order - Name of PSTC framework
Open discussion on name for PSTC solutions framework PSML.  It's getting
referenced elsewhere in OASIS and x-industry - Needs to get agreed upon.
There seems to be some agreement around SPML lets discuss and put to a vote.

-	Cross-referencing occurring for PSML and SPML
-	E-mail vote to occur (5-day cycle)

Business in Order - Discussion of Scope
Are we nearer to a clear understanding of scope?
Discuss and form plan to resolve.

-	Do we feel understanding of scope?
-	How close do we want to stipulate schema?

-	Set of definitions for terms

-	Are we going to identity specific schema or not?  If so, are we
doing new ones or use existing ones?

-	Jamcracker:  Many pure ASPs being worked with.  Big opportunity to
do something generically for these pure systems

-	Waveset:  Identity is very important

-	Jamcracker:  It starts from the company first and then to individual

-	Submit Scope Proposals!!  Define problems to solve.

-	Next Meeting:  December 17th  

-	Question to think about:  How does provisioning differ from network
and system management?  

Business in Order - Discussion of required committee liaisons 

Gavenraj Sodhi, ASN.1
Winston Bumpus, CIM
Darran Rolls, ebXML

Any Other Business

-	Discussion of dates for F2F should be sent to the list

Meeting Adjourned



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