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provision message

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Subject: [provision]

For all those that can make today’s con-call, Doron is going to start/host the con-call at the usual time.  Below is an outline agenda.  Being as Gavenraj and myself are both not able to make the call (you know my excuse, two feet of new snow in Aspen Colorado and a lift about to open in, 20 minutes ;-) I’ve deliberately left off acceptance of minutes and mandatory quorum business.  That way, those attending can follow a simple agenda without worrying too much about administrate.





Dial-in Number: 888-742-8686

Conference ID: 5250215

Date: 01/20/2003

Time 10 AM CST


Proposed Agenda



1 - 10:05 Order collect attendee names




2 - 10:10 ExtendedRequest


Discuss issues raised by Rami - is this something we need to jump on another call before the F2F to work out


3 - ??:?? Issues, comments before Face-2-face


Construct a list of what needs to be defined before the F2F. DR will send out an up to date draft of the spec document before the F2F.  What else needs to be in place before that meeting?


4 - ??:?? Motion to Adjourn


To reconvene 03/10/2003 at F2F in Houston

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