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Subject: [provision] modify subscription request...

Thee is something I have not been able to figure out in your proposal. For subscription targets that contain sequences of elements, how do you send a modify subscription request to remove one of the elements? You can't just resend the whole list because you may not have the current state of the subscription. Even if you queried for the current state of the subscription, another client could change it after you query for it, but before you send the update.
To put this in perspective of the Tiny Telecom example, how would the RA web application remove a friends and familiy contact?
BTW, this is not an academic question. In many systems that do RBAC, user role membership is often defined as a list roles on a user record (this is often the case for both LDAP and RDBMS based systems). One delegated administrator may grant (add) a role to a user while another revokes (removes) a different role from the same user. How would this type of provisioning operation be supported in you proposal?
Jeff Bohren
OpenNetwork Technologies

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