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Subject: Top-level elements (request/response pairs).

Draft 16 does not address XSD issues 68, 69, 72 and 73.  These issues 
say to add top-level elements to XSD so that each request element has a 
corresponding response element. 

Rami Elron suggested that this correspondence was important for clarity. 
Declaring top-level elements allows us to support this correspondence 
(without adding unnecessary XML types).

Jeff Bohren and I agreed to this on the list, but Mr. Bohren feels that 
the proposed change deserves a vote.  (Personally, I think it's a 
no-brainer, but he's co-chair.)  It would be great if an overwhelming 
groundswell of support on this list convinced the chair that no vote is 
necessary.  (I can dream, can't  I?)

Otherwise, perhaps we should add this item to the agenda for tomorrow's 

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