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Subject: Re: [public-sector-cloud-discuss] A few starting comments

FWIW, WG1 in SC38 is Web Services WG. SC38 WG3 covers Cloud.

Who is the "we" in 'we seem to have gotten off to a rocky start in our relationship with SC38 WG2'? How is the relationship 'rocky'?


Christopher Ferris
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Date: 06/07/2012 08:36PM
Subject: [public-sector-cloud-discuss] A few starting comments

Hi, in no particular order, just a few preliminary comments.


-          I would like, formally, to be added to the list of proposers. I thought that I had done this already, my apologies for being behind the curve…;

-          TC name is OK and I think it will be inevitable that the acronym “PACR” will be pronounced “pacer” – let’s be ready for that!;

-          Relationship with other OASIS work: several TCs are working on related topics (IDCloud, TOSCA, PMRM, TGF, to name a few) – we need to be very clear about the “unique selling point” of this proposed TC and what gap it intends to fill (some personal ideas follow);

-          Relationship with ISO, especially JTC1/SC38/WG1 – we seem to have gotten off to a rocky start in our relationship with SC38 WG2 (covering SOA), with no information coming back from ISO about initiatives and relevant and valid OASIS work (such as the SOA-RM) not being promoted. We must ensure that the same fate does not befall any relationship with WG1 looking at cloud standards;

-          We should also look at several ISO standards that cover aspects of IT governance and cloud computing (for example ISO 10746, 15414, many of the 27000-series (in particular 207702, 27005, 27010, 27017 and 27018, 27036 parts 5 and 6, 30120 and 38500) and that may involve liaison with JTC1/WG6 and SC7/WG40.

-          The Transformational Government Framework TC has had success in the creation and use of a “pattern language” –this proposed TC would seem to occupy the same “level” of policy guidance rather than wanting to create down-in-the-weeds technical specifications. Could we maybe consider that a further set of patterns could be developed (at least as one of the proposed specifications) and that could mutually cross-reference with the TGF Patterns (particularly as we may be considering – within TGF and/or JTC1 SC?

My 0.02 worth at this early stage


Best regards,



Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

Using Information Technologies to Empower and Transform



P.O. Box 49719, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

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