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Subject: Re: [quomos] Getting ourselves organized and productive

Hi Steve

Thanks for your concern; and please accept my apologies for having been so dilatory to have given you cause for it. To be honest, I think that what I need right now is simply time to devote to the project. I have had very little spare time during the last few months. I can appeal to this having been a quite remarkably difficult period, beginning with a funding crisis which caused the early termination of my employment, and ending with my negotiating the transition to official retirement, a process which turns out to be quite dauntingly complicated and very stressful. However, the good news is, this is now pretty much all actually done, so I will have some time to spare to work on whatever I wish to work on, with QUOMOS being the first priority (well, one of my top three, to be honest, all connected with ontologies one way or the other.) 

I am not sure what help others could give, in the short term, other than the great work already done and embodied in the various documents we have. In an ideal world, there would be a bunch of useful software available (such as an OWL-to-CLIF translator, a CLIF parser, etc.) but I know that the work involved in creating and debugging these at this point would greatly outweigh any advantages to productivity that they might produce. 

Contrary to what might appear :-), actually writing CL is quite straightforward. The main effort involved is getting the basic ideas straight in ones mind, and (for me) that requires some extended uninterrupted time to focus on them properly; and this is what I have not been able to achieve for the past several months. But, as I say, hopefully this perfect storm should now be largely over. 

I am also very concerned that QUOMOS should succeed, and I realize that having the core ontology resting on my shoulders, with no visible sign of progress, is a worrying state of affairs for the rest of you in the group. Let me suggest that we see what I can do in the next couple of weeks, which I will take to be a kind of deadline for making some substantial progress. 

On the other hand, if you have any concrete ideas for increasing my productivity, I'd be open to any suggestions, of course. 


On Feb 7, 2010, at 2:49 PM, Steve Ray wrote:

                In thinking about our upcoming meetings, Iíd like to hear what you think you need as collaborators, input, or anything else, to enable you to be as productive as possible in formulating our CLIF version of the QUOMOS standard. Clearly, this version is our anchor, and I want to line ourselves up for success.
Letís discuss this during the week by email (and/or phone) so that we have something to propose to the committee on the 15th.
-          Steve
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