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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Re: Mapping Patterns

>[3] Not present in my implementation but I see the need for it now.
>For instance, to store localized enumeration/regexps. BIEs have
>Contexts (Classifications) that could define the region where they
>should be used.. Same CC, different BIE for different region,
>different DataType, but still same CCT.
>Joe: Glad you brought this up - the issue of whether or not Data Types should
>be stored as Registered Objects or be represented as metadata attributes
>for Registered Objects will be a big one for us.
mm1: I would ask the OAG-CC group about their work in this arena as they 
have been modeling the XML schema of their CC.  See Garret Minakawa, 

>And what about Contexts? Do they need a pattern too? I've used RIM's
>Classification mechanism for Contexts so that each Context Category
>has it's own ClassificationScheme.
mm1: Note, there has been discussion in the CCSD team that a controlled 
vocabulary may be required when it come to context.  See this 
***draft*** extract from the primer:

<<4.5.1Use of Context in Core Component Normalization

Qualifiers that are used in the naming of Business Information Entities 
associate a context specific semantic with the Core Component.   These 
qualifiers make up a controlled vocabulary that can have unique semantic 
within a specific context.  For instance, "reserved" used as a qualifier 
has an order process context semantic, as well as a travel industry 
context semantic. Rigor in the construction of the controlled 
vocabularies for qualifiers is as important as rigor in the construction 
of the controlled vocabulary for core components.  A qualifier should be 
used consistently across the library of core components.  The qualifier 
context category, semantic, and control vocabulary source should be 
noted.  >>


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