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Subject: RE: [regrep-cc-review] Property Qualifier

P.S. - I think a light bulb just went off for me on why the "BIE Property" is it's own storable entity in Figure 7-3.  Looking at the attributes of the entity in the figure it should probably have been named "BIE Property Qualifier".  By storing the property qualifiers the registry could construct ABIEs in an automated fashion by reusing standardized property term qualifiers.  And the rule that makes the resultant ABIE unique regardless of the qualifier order makes it easier on the developer to be certain that they are not duplicating another ABIE where the registry happened to place the property qualifiers in a different order.  Does anyone else see that, or am I off base?

Nope, I was off.  Just talked to Mark about this.  "BIE Property" is the Basic Property Term with a possible one-to-many qualifier.  Apparently the BIE Property is the instantiations of the variant basic properties that differnetiate the propert/qualifier representations in ABIEs.  So, again, if I'm understanding correctly it is the entire property/qualifier combination that would be registered as an entity and associated to one-to-many ABIEs.



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