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regrep-security message

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Subject: Re: [regrep-security] ebRIM 2.34-1 distribution (with XACML basedAccess Control Model)

I have since also added additional actions:




These had been missed in 2.34-1 distribution.

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> Team,
> Attached is the latest ebRIM 2.34-1. Changes in this document that you 
> need to review are as follows:
> -Removed Security Information Model chapter
> -Added Access Control Information Model (complete replacement for old 
> Security Information Model chapter)
>    -Defines an abstract AC model
>    -Defines an XACML Binding from abstract AC model
> The key work left to be done is to include some examples of common use 
> cases. I will do this later today.
> Note that the writeup has significant changes (improvements) since the 
> initial proposal. These improvements are based on a refinement of 
> previous thinking based upon conversations with several folks.
> In addition to Suresh, Sanjay, Joe and Nikola of the security sub-team 
> we are gratefully indebted to Anne Anderson, Seth Proctor and Yassir 
> Elley of Sun Labs security team for their thoughtful review and 
> feedback despite a very short notice.
> Please focus your review to chapter 13 of ebRIM 2.34-1 and send your 
> comments ASAP to this thread. I would like to get the document out by 
> COB today to main TC mailing list. Thanks.


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