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regrep message

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Subject: Regrep data integrity

Working through Lisa's suggestions from the face-to-face,
I've arrived at "data integrity".  ISO 11179 doesn't directly
deal with data integrity, although it does say that a RA
is "responsible for maintaining the register of data
elements" (Part 6, 5.2.3) and "take all reasonable
precautions to safeguard the register" (Part 6, 5.3.3).

The spec currently says (and I've moved this language into
the Tech Spec per Lisa's suggestion):

"The registry and repository shall have published policies 
relating to their use of methods to guarantee the integrity of 
entities in repository and metadata in the registry; for example,
 does the repository employ digital signatures to ensure against
 corruption? if transformations of registered entities are served 
are they signed as well?"

I'm not sure we need those examples, but in any event I'd
welcome substitute text.  Lisa, what does the IMS spec say
about data integrity?

regards, Terry

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