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Subject: RE: Jamie Walker added to Regrep TC

Thanks for the nod.  

On something related and continuing on the conversation we had when you were here for OAG, I'm trying to plan for the required travel for this activity.

In speaking with Christina, she recommends that our best investment can be spent in the meetings where the most face-to-face time can be had and where the most opportunity for learning and coordination exists.

She also mentioned that the RegRep has a yearly Theme and wondered what it was for this year and where it was going to be taking place?

I recall you saying that you didn't attend many of the events any more as the information shared tends to be repetitive and that you are already usually aware of anything that is going to be shared.  However, as the newbie into this activity, and knowing that it would be good to put faces with names, some face-to-face time would be highly beneficial.

So my question is, of the activities planned for the rest of the year, which are the MAJOR events to which the most people will be attending and (I realize this is asking you to make a conjectural statement) which will be providing the most useful information in regards to building schema/registry components within the enterprise? How many meetings?  How Many Days  or Hours?

At the moment, and according to what I can glean from the oasis web site, the Paris conference looks like a big attendance event and that a good amount of information will presented. And then there's XML World 2000 in Boston and XML 2000 in D.C. in December. Good call? Or would my time be spent better elsewhere?  (Man I feel stupid asking these kinds of questions - I guess I am just looking for a little advice from a Pro)

Christina mentioned Montreal in August, but there is little information available on what's going to be happening there.

I guess the big question is, Where and When should I be to get the best bang for the buck?  Any ideas?

Jamie Walker
Sr. Systems Analyst
E-1112 EIS Arch. 
Pager  - 4256316070@mobilecomm.net

-----Original Message-----
From: Terry Allen [mailto:tallen@sonic.net]
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 1:02 PM
To: regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Jamie Walker added to Regrep TC

I'm happy to announce that per vote of the ACTC, Jamie Walker has
been added as a [voting] member of the Regrep TC.

regards, Terry

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