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regrep message

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Subject: 21 Apr Regrep conf call minutes

Priscilla Walmsley, XMLSolutions   

OASIS Regrep TC Conference Call Minutes
Friday 21  April 2000


Nagwa Abdelghfour, Sun
Terry Allen, Commerce One
Lisa Carnahan, NIST
Robin Cover, ISOGEN
Una Kearns, Documentum
Norbert Mikula, DataChannel
Jamie Walker, Boeing
Yutaka Yoshida, Sun

Attending as visitors:

Ernie Nishseki, Dun & Bradstreet
Len Gallagher, NIST

There being a quorum, Terry called the meeting to order.

EBXML update:  the Business Process Project Team has requested
that the EBXML Regrep PT use its metamodel for the EBXML registry,
but they don't have a specification on the EBXML site, so we 
don't know anything more.

As the current tech spec doesn't represent anyone's current
thinking, Terry moved that the TC withdraw tech spec; the
motion passed without dissent.

Una, Lisa, Len, Nagwa, and Yutaka discussed implementation issues,
including the I2* requests, and what kind of spec we can produce
in the short term.

NIST will try to come up with a smaller tech spec; XML.org
is planning on going live before we're likely to have it.

NOTE:  there will be no conference call on 5 May; we
will resume biweekly calls on 19 May.


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