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Subject: Press section of our webpage

Hello All,

Every OASIS TC web page has a section called 'Press'.   This section should have links to any articles related to the TC or  mentions of the TC in the press.   Additionally, it can have links from Press articles related to implementations of our specifications. 

For example:

"Sun releases the first Java technology-based implementation of ebXML registry and repository for web services"
XML Times, 4 Jun 01

The article above is from the OASIS press page and would make a good entry in our Section.

Please email me at lisa.carnahan@nist.gov with any links to articles that you feel would represent our TC or implementation work well.  This is the section where we can point to press articles to toot our own horn!  (Let's not flood the list with these suggestions, we can all go to the web page to get the links.)


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