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Subject: Re: Positioning with UDDI (was RE: Tactical Proposal: Split V2 work items into V2 and V3 (repost))


One way of positioning OASIS ebXML Registry with UDDI will be to define and
agree on the separation of concerns/scope. For example, UDDI's focus has
been on publishing and finding information about a business and its
technical services, but not the service specifications themselves (e.g.,
WSDL documents). Whereas OASIS ebXML Registry's focus has been on
registering and searching "RepositoryItems" (e.g., WSDL documents, DTDs,
XSDs). Another way will be to define and agree on their usage. For example,
one can publish a specific OASIS ebXML Registry with a UDDI Registry so
that the former can be readily found. Whereas one can register and search
for a WSDL document, which is referenced in a UDDI Registry, with an OASIS
ebXML Registry.

It will be very nice if UDDI and OASIS ebXML Registry can interoperate
through API. However, this will take time and effort to achieve. It can be
the next step.

Regards,  Dan

e-business Data Technology and Standard
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory
Notes:     Dan Chang/Santa Teresa/IBM@IBMUS
Internet:  dtchang@us.ibm.com
VM:          IBMUSM50(DTCHANG)
Phone:    (408)-463-2319

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