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Subject: Re: [regrep] Request for use of XML Schema

Message text written by "Smith, Neal L. (NLSM)"
>I request that all V2 specification deliverables (RS and RIM documents)
this team be based on XML Schema.  I further request that all proposals and
submissions for V2 specifications also be based on XML Schema.  I believe
that continuing to define DTDs is counterproductive.  

I would like to add a 'where appropriate'.

I do not agree that we need to mandate Schema.

Having to re-tool DTD's to no good purpose is not sensible.

Schema may be required where the extra validation features it
brings are needed.  A lot of the time the extra overhead may not
be justified and a simple DTD is much clearer and quicker.

I'm speaking from experience of documenting the CCR/ CRI work
in DTD, Schema and RELAX.

Each have their strong points.


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