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Subject: [regrep] list of proposals

Hello All,

The following list is my accounting of the proposals that have passed to 
date that effect either the RIM or RS.  If I've missed something, please 
send a note to the list ASAP.  I ask all of you to support our editors by 
being available to discuss the specific changes necessary to integrate 
these approved proposals into the document.

I think these approved proposals can be done in any order.  If anyone knows 
why a specific ordering based on cascading changes, please let the editors 
know immediately!!
-Security Proposal - Suresh
-Update Objects Proposal - Neal Smith
-Extramural Association Proposal - Farrukh
-Internationalization Update - Farrukh (this was based on an email from 
-Improved External Classification Support - Len
-GetLevelNumber() method on ClassificationNode class - Farrukh
-Pre-defined Association Types - Len
-Specification for getPath method in ClassificationNode - Farrukh
-Submitting & Responsible Org methods for ebRIM - Len
-ROWS Proposal - Sanjay

These should be integrated into the spec after the above approved proposals 
have been integrated (especially the RIM changes).  Most likely Nikola's RO 
Filter Query will subsume Len's RE Filter Query Proposal (and contain the 
Xpath proposal as well.)
- RegistryEntry Filter Query Proposal - Len
- RegistryObject Filter Query Proposal - Nikola
- Xpath Subset Syntax for Filter Query - Farrukh

This should be done last since it is finalizing the schema.
- RAWS Proposal - Farrukh

Anne and Sally:  Len is out of town. I'm working on compiling his specific 


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