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Subject: [regrep] [announce] XML Global Introduces the Central Version ofGoXML(tm) Transform


Since we seem to be making announcements!  


and you can also download an evaluation copy of Registry,
or order a CD copy from the site above.

While we have strived to ensure a most complete implementation,
and of course our new GoXML DB - with its XQuery support - is the
underlying storage engine, there is still much work to be done on
refining and extending Registry services specifications.

We look forward to continuing working with the talented team 
here on deliverying the premium Registry system specifications
for enterprise business systems with XML.

While achieving the landmark of production commercial 
product releases - we have much future work in front of us too.

Thanks, David RR Webber,

VP Business Development, XML Global Technologies.


Press Release

XML Global Introduces the Central Version of GoXML(tm) Transform - an
e-Business Transaction Platform and Launches the ebXML Jumpstart Program

Vancouver, BC, December 7th, 2001 - XML Global Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB:
XMLG), an XML middleware company, announced today the release of GoXML(tm)
Transform Central, an extended e-Business transaction platform. GoXML(tm)
Transform Central expands the capabilities of GoXML(tm) Transform
by providing dynamic transformation solutions in Web Service environments.
Central leverages the newest advanced registry technologies to help users
locate the right product or service from a company with acceptable business

GoXML(tm) Transform Central is a modular and scalable platform that enables
integration with back-end systems, partners, suppliers and customers using
both business analyst and developer interfaces. This functionality aids an
enterprise in reducing the costs and time of integration projects. In
addition, Central also allows data transformations to be published as Web
Services thereby permitting trading partners to more easily and efficiently
transform and exchange crucial business data. GoXML(tm) Transform Central
incorporates a variety of enabling technologies based on open standards for
registries, message services and core component management.

In addition to having the ability to publish transformations as Web
Services, GoXML(tm) Transform Central also offers near "frictionless" data
exchange. It can be executed remotely, requires no client software and
allows automated translation of trading partner's business documents. These
features allow GoXML(tm) Transform Central to support and automate key
of information exchange thereby significantly reducing the associated
administrative costs.

A critical module of GoXML(tm) Transform Central is GoXML(tm) Registry. For
most organizations registries are the first point of contact with
e-Business. Successful e-Business requires trading partners to be able to
discover one another, make their capabilities known, and initiate
transactions in a standardized, automated way. Registries contain the
business services and processes, messages, and vocabularies that make up
transactions exchanged between trading partners. They also facilitate the
search for new trading partners and are the foundation to making e-Business
work. The ebXML standards provide the framework for success, and GoXML(tm)
Registry provides the tools.

GoXML(tm) Registry lets you centralize, catalogue, and electronically share
your business processes and services with trading partners. It also helps
you simplify the integration of your internal systems by standardizing
business terms. By using GoXML(tm) Registry's component dictionary, you can
agree on business terms, reuse them, and assemble them into new business
documents - all in a standards-based environment.

GoXML(tm) Registry consists of four components. First is a registry engine
for the classification, storage, and management of business services and
processes, messages, and vocabularies and is based on ebXML Registry
Specifications. Second is a repository for storing and retrieving
information required by Registry Services. Third is a Web-based Registry
client for configuration, administration, content management, browsing and
querying of the Registry. Last is a Registry Services API that provides
programmatic control of the Registry engine and ebXML Registry Services.


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